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9 Best Ladies Golf Shoes for Women 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Golf beginners are sometimes surprised to learn that golf, too, requires special footwear. Every women understand the importance of ladies golf shoes for track and field, or for hiking, and basketball stars are well-known for endorsing popular athletic shoe brands. But since golf is literally a game of standing and walking, non-players often assume that the golf shoes for women really matters.

But without a solid, stable foundation, a golf player won’t have good balance. Without a good grip on the ground, a golfer might slip or slide and can’t make an accurate swing. best women golf shoes make the difference, just as in any other sport.

Did Ladies Golf Shoes for Women Really Matters:

Not all golfers wear golf shoes. Some people with arthritis or other physical problems might prefer the greater support and cushioning of a good pair of tennis shoes. Beginners might want to hold off on buying ladies golf shoes, which can be expensive until they’re sure they really like the game; the disadvantages of wearing the wrong shoes on the links don’t make as much of a difference to those who are still learning the game. Some ladies prefer women’s golf sandals, rather than closed-toed shoes, in the summer, because they are cooler. And even serious golfers who are very serious about their golf shoes sometimes find that shoes marketed for a different gender are a better fit for their feet. Golf shoes for women and men come in all shapes.

But the vast majority of golfers do play better when they wear good golf shoes. And the vast majority of ladies find that shoes designed for women’s feet offer a better fit and a more comfortable, enjoyable game. Here comes the golf shoes that are specially designed for ladies.

Ladies Golf Shoes Comparison Table

Top PicksShip WeightDimensionsOur RatingPrice
FootJoy Women's DNA BOA2.2 poundsN/A5/5$$$
FootJoy Women's Tailored Collection2 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches4.9/5$$
FootJoy Women's Golf SuperlitesN/AN/A4.8/5$$$$
FootJoy Leisure Spikeless3 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches4.7/5$$
Puma PG Blaze Disc9 ouncesN/A4.6/5$
PUMA Ladies Faas Lite2 pounds12 x 8 x 4 inches4.5/5$$$
Adidas W Adipower S Boost 3 pounds N/A4.4/5$$
Adidas adistar Tour 6-spike3.5 pounds15 x 8 x 5 inches4.3/5$$$$
Callaway Ladies Solaire3 poundsN/A4.2/5$$

FootJoy Women’s DNA BOA Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women's DNA BOA Golf ShoesFootJoy DNA golf shoes are a perfect choice for women looking to rock something stylish and well-built. They have an athletic design that features a SnugFit tongue with MicroVent technology to help shape your foot and provide breathability. The model has a 3D Foam Collar to shape the ankle for extra comfort, support, and fit. The lightweight fined tuned foam provides unsurpassed comfort and maximum heel support.

With large spikes on the rubber sole, this model is built to improve grip and precision. The TPU outsole provides natural stability and high performance on the course. FootJoy DNA golf shoes are made of a white PU leather with brown laces and perforations for breathability.  With these features, this model is among the best golf shoes for women designed for comfort, excellent traction, and maximum breathability.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • MicroVent technology for breathability
  • ChromoSkin waterproof leather to provide extra protection
  • Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) for comfort


  • The toes may extend a little more than the size of the shoes

FootJoy Women’s Tailored Collection Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women's Tailored Collection Spikeless Golf ShoesThe FootJoy Women’s Tailored Collection Spikeless golf shoes are made for women golfers who want a stylish look with maximum comfort. It is a sporty shoe that provides excellent tractions and stability on and off course. With an elegant leather upper that adds a sophisticated style to these classic golf shoes, this brand is an ideal choice for golfers who prefer comfort with a fashion-forward styling. The soft full grain leather is waterproof for optimal comfort, durability, and breathability.

The new FootJoy Tailored spikeless golf shoes features a memory form fitbed for high performance and optimal comfort. It also comes with a DuraMax rubber outsole for great traction with spikeless versatility to ensure you are comfortable when wearing these shoes on and off the golf course. So, improve your performance on course without sacrificing style with FootJoy Tailored spikeless golf shoes.


  • Memory foam fitbed for maximum comfort and performance
  • Rubber sole for optimal grip and traction
  • Waterproof for playing in any condition


  • In some people, it is bigger for the feet

FootJoy Women’s Golf Superlites

FootJoy Women's Golf SuperlitesDesigned to offer comfort and optimal breathability, the new FootJoy Women’s Golf Superlites golf shoes is another great shoe for women golfers of all abilities. It features a lightweight technology designed for optimal walking comfort. The FootJoy Golf Superlites also features a DuraMax rubber outsole to provide great traction and stability to ground your every movement. With a spikeless design, this model provides extra flexibility for your foot when golfing. The EVA midsole with the Fit-Bed technology helps to adjust your foot to the right position.

FootJoy Women’s Golf Superlites golf shoes are fully waterproof to allow you to play even in bad weather. The upper is made of mesh material which is water-resistant for added comfort and support. Hit the course in style with the new FootJoy Women’s Superlites golf shoes.


  • Spike-less sole design for walking comfort
  • Lightweight technology
  • Mesh uppers to offer more protection


  • Not waterproof due to the fabric uppers

FootJoy Leisure Spikeless Ladies Golf Shoes

FootJoy Leisure Spikeless Ladies Golf ShoesFootJoy Women’s Leisure golf shoes are made for comfort and fashionable styling on the course. They combine both high performance and off-course versatility to ensure you have the best experience for every swing you make. With these ladies golf shoes for women, it’s easier to switch from leisure to play mode with a spikeless outsole that provides you with the ability to wear it everywhere you go. They have a lightweight upper for optimal comfort with a perfect fit and feel. Also, the model comes with a cushioned footbed to offer support and comfort in the shoe. The outsole is firm and helps to provide great traction and versatility for more comfortable movement on the course.

FootJoy Women’s Leisure golf shoes provide supreme support and remarkably blends this with the excellent backing. Thanks to the three layers of Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF), the brands offer optimal cushioning for your foot. The leather is waterproof, which is an added advantage for those who wish to play in poor weather conditions. Look stylish and play well with the new FootJoy Women’s Leisure golf shoes.


  • A lightweight upper for extra comfort and custom fit
  • Firm outsole for extra traction
  • Waterproof leather to walk even in poor conditions


  • For some people, they are bigger than the actual size

Puma Golf Ladies PG Blaze Disc Golf-Shoes

Puma Golf Ladies PG Blaze Disc Golf-ShoesWhen you want to make a statement with comfortable and fashionable golf shoes, Puma Women’s PG Blaze Disc golf shoes is an excellent choice. Built with a stylish and innovative DISC closure technology, this shoe will give you the best experience on and off-course. PUMA’s advanced DISC technology provides a fast, comfortable and convenient fit for optimal comfort of your feet. The leather upper provides great performance and durability.

Puma Golf Women’s PG Blaze Disc Golf-Shoes comes with a micro-adjusting dial system that quickly secures your foot for a locked in, and it’s a custom fit to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day. Your feet also stay comfortable with a Molded EVA insole designed to regulate temperature. This golf shoe is perfectly designed to take your performance to the next level with an incredible fit.


  • Has a disc closure technology and a great look
  • Leather upper for long-term durability.
  • Lightweight to offer extra comfort


  • The shoe may be a little larger than expected

PUMA Ladies Faas Lite Golf Shoe

PUMA Ladies Faas Lite Golf ShoePUMA is a great brand that successfully fuses sport, fashion, and lifestyle. The unique industry has yet delivered another incredible spike-less shoe in the market. The PUMA Women’s Faas Lite Golf Shoe is super light, breathable, comfortable, and surprisingly stable to clinch a top spot among the best ladies golf shoes.

One glance at these golf shoes, you will know that they are lightweight to the max. They also come in a variety of appealing colors like white, bright blue and orange. The mesh uppers and soft in/outsoles are like a lightweight running shoe, and it makes it one of the most sought golf shoes on the course. The PUMA Faas looks cool when wearing pants or shorts, especially if coordinated. You will also find firmly fitted rubber cleats to give the shoes a good grip and traction during your swing. It ensures you don’t slip when making any swing or movement on the course.


  • Super light for comfort and breathability
  • Comes in different colors; white, bright blue or orange
  • Foam lining on the outsole for extra comfort
  • Rubber cleats for maximum grip


  • Slightly larger than the original size.

Adidas Women’s W Adipower S Boost Golf Shoe

Adidas Women's W Adipower S Boost Golf ShoeIf you prefer comfortable golf shoes made with EVA material, the Adidas Women’s W Adipower S Boost Golf Shoe is the best choice. Made from high-quality materials, these women’s golf shoes are made for extra comfort, breathability, and durability. They feature a new foam design in the heel and mid-foot to provide endless energy and comfort when walking. The rich leather uppers provide an attractive look on the golf course with extra protection and durability.

With an incredible rubber outsole, the Adidas Adipower S Boost Golf Shoe is pretty great shoes that can boost your performance on the golf course while offering great comfort to your feet. Also, it features the BOA closure system to allow you to make micro-adjustments to keep your feet intact during your round. These golf shoes are also designed with a broader front of the shoe for extra flexible fit for your golfing needs. Customize your fit with the incredible Adidas Adipower S Boost Golf Shoe and make your golfing experience fun.


  • Lightweight to allow easy movement
  • Climaproof technology to keep your feet cool
  • Waterproof for ultimate protection
  • Spike-less design for added convenience


  • Some people have a wider foot than the actual size of the shoe

Adidas Women’s adistar Tour 6-spike Golf Shoe

Adidas Women's adistar Tour 6-spike Golf ShoeThe Adidas Women’s adistar Tour Spiked golf shoes provide great stability that golfers require on the course. It features wider midsole-outsole for comfort and ultra-light cushioning. The BOA closure system on these shoes requires a simple spin to loosen or tighten the laces to create a more comfortable and secure fit.

Adidas Ladies Adistar Tour features a microfiber leather upper that offers the right combination of comfort, performance, and durability. These spiked golf shoes are constructed with a cloudform insole to provide a protective environment for your feet. It is further equipped with an incredible swing plane traction to maintain a firm grip on the ground. These features make the Adidas Ladies Adistar Tour a perfect golf shoe for playing in diverse weather conditions. Hit the course with style in the new Adidas Ladies Adistar Tour golf shoes and enjoy the play.


  • Wider midsole and outsole for ultimate stability
  • Cloud form for extra cushioning
  • Climaproof leather upper for maximum comfort and performance


  • For people with wider feet, the synthetic leather may not stretch that much

Callaway Ladies Solaire Golf Shoe

Callaway Ladies Solaire Golf ShoeCallaway Women’s Solaire golf shoes are among the top selling golf shoes for women but entirely different from other brands in design. They have a regular shoe design with tiny spikes, but they provide the required grip to keep your foot grounded.

The upper layer is made of mesh for maximum breathability and ventilation. It also features a debris guard to prevent any dirt from accumulating into the shoe or getting through the mesh. The model is made of a strong textile material to offer a stylish look on the course. They also feature flexible arch support and ensure your foot assumes a natural shape when playing. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you don’t have to struggle with lifting when making rounds.


  • Mesh upper for efficient ventilation and breathability
  • Lightweight design for comfort
  • Made of durable material for extra protection


  • Size may be bigger than the feet

Ladies Golf Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Golf shoes for women differ from other athletic shoes in that the soles are proportionately a little wider, offering better balance, and the uppers are more flexible. Golfers do not need to run or hike over rugged terrain, so they don’t need much ankle support, but they do need the flexibility to stand and swing comfortably, even if the ball lands in the rough where the footing might be a bit odd. A quality women’s athletic shoe will offer the same functionality and durability as a man’s, but with a structure and design better suited to the shape of a typical woman’s foot and gait type.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Shoes for Women:

A good pair of ladies golf shoes offers stability, traction, and a comfortable walk down the fairway. The most important thing to consider when shoe-shopping is therefore proper fit. Shoes that are even slightly ill-fitted can turn a day on the links miserable, or even cause foot, knee, and back problems if you wear your golf shoes often. Do not simply order golf shoes of whatever size you normally wear; not only does golf shoe sizing differ somewhat from sizing for other shoes, but the size and shape of your foot can change over time. It is best to be sized by a professional while wearing your golf socks. If you buy your golf shoes online, be sure that you’ll be able to exchange them in case the pair you order doesn’t fit.

The price of golf shoes can vary a lot, so you can simplify your choice dramatically by choosing a price range before you start looking at shoes.

The biggest difference between low-end and high-end golf shoes is usually the construction of the upper. Your basic shoe has a synthetic leather upper, sometimes with some degree of waterproofing. A bigger investment buys you real leather—the bigger the investment, the better the leather.  High-quality leather offers a more comfortable fit, more reliable waterproofing (which is important if you like to play in the morning, when the grass is wet with dew), and, of course, a better look.

If you do have the budget for them, a high-end pair of shoes is worth it, if you play often (or want the other people at the club to think you do!). But a more basic pair should still be comfortable, and will still include your swing.

Also, consider where you plan to play. Shoes with hard cleats dig into the ground and offer superior traction and stability during your swing, but they also tear up the turf. Many golf courses therefor require only soft cleats, or even no cleats at all. There is no point in investing in a great pair of shoes if your favorite golf course has a rule against your wearing them.

How to Recognize a Great Pair of Ladies Golf Shoes for Women:

No pair of shoes will turn a bad golfer into a good one. No pair of shoes can replace practicing good technique. But a good pair of golf shoes will make good technique easier to apply consistently—and comfortable feet mean a more enjoyable game, which is why most of us play golf, anyway.

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