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10 Kids Golf Shoes for Junior Golfers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

We all want our kids to start things off on the right foot, especially when learning something new. Whether you want to get your little champion ready to step up to the tee, or they have simply outgrown their old shoes, picking out the kids golf shoes for your junior golfer can be a stressful process. Having the right pair of junior golf shoes can greatly affect the performance of your kids.

Why Kids Golf Shoes are Important for your Junior Golfer:

The reason footwear is so important, especially with junior golfers learning the skill, is because your kids golf shoes can influence everything from their form and stance to their ability to focus on follow through. So, if you are getting ready to get some new footwear for the green, there are some things that needs to be consider before purchasing your junior golf shoes.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you navigate the benefits of some of the most popular golf shoes the current market has to offer. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of top kids golf shoes of 2017.

Kids Golf Shoes Comparison Table

Top PicksShip WeightDimensionsOur RatingPrice
Puma Golf Grip Sports6.1 ouncesN/A5/5$$$
Adidas Kids Adicross9.3 ouncesN/A4.9/5$$
PUMA Kids Titantour Cleated6.1 ouncesN/A4.8/5$$$$
PUMA Golf Unisex TitantourN/AN/A4.7/5$$
Adidas Kids Jr Adicross V Cblack9.3 ouncesN/A4.6/5$
Adidas Kids Jr Adicross9.3 ouncesN/A4.5/5$$$
FootJoy Pro SL Junior Spikeless2 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches4.4/5$$
FootJoy DNA Junior 2 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches4.3/5$$$$
FootJoy Empower Junior Spikeless2 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches 4.2/5$$
FootJoy Enjoy Junior Spikeless2 pounds10 x 5.2 x 16.5 inches4.1/5$$$

Puma Golf Grip Sports JR. Disc Shoes

Puma Golf Grip Sports JR. Disc ShoesPuma has been a leading player in the production of high-quality shoes. The Puma Grip Sports JR golf shoes are one of the unique junior golf shoes that incorporates DISC technology for juniors. They are made with a stylish look to complement their high performance of course. The breathable mesh upper helps to keep your feet fresh and as comfortable as possible while the spike-less outsole is positioned to provide versatile performance.

This model also features a micro-adjusting dial system to make lacing smooth and fast while providing a locked-in and custom fit. It also comes with Smartquill traction lugs to provide increased grip and traction. The TPU bounded around this shoe gives extra protection and durability to ensure your kid’s foot is safe. The exciting part about these golf shoes is their lightweight fusion foam in the midsole that provides a super comfortable fit and long-lasting durability.


  • DISC for high performance and comfort
  • Lightweight
  • TPU wrap for maximum protection of the feet.


  • The wide design may not be a good fit for people with small feet

Adidas Kids Jr Adicross V Grey/Grey/B Skate Shoe

Adidas Kids Jr Adicross V Grey/Grey/B Skate ShoeAdidas Kids’ Jr Adicross features a classic design for on and off course use. It is designed for style, performance, and comfort. The water-resistant uppers help to keep the feet cool in any weather condition while the spike-less outsole features strategically placed lugs for extra grip and traction on and off the course.

These kids golf shoes are lightweight with a cloudform sock liner to provide ultra-light cushioning and extra comfort. Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross golf shoes temperature regulating technology helps to keep your feet warm and dry as you play. The adiwear outsole is firm and provides excellent abrasion resistance and versatility. It is a perfect choice for juniors who love being on the golf course.


·         Water-resistant leather material

·         Lightweight design for extra comfort.

·         Excellent grip and traction.


·         May not be a good fit for kids with large feet

PUMA Kids’ Titantour Cleated Jr. Golf-Shoes

PUMA Kids' Titantour Cleated Jr. Golf-ShoesIf you’re looking for waterproof golf shoes for your kid, PUMA Kids’ Titantour may be a good choice. Inspired by the Titan Tour, these golf courses are built to accommodate style and high performance of all other PUMA brands. These golf shoes come in different sizes so that you can purchase the right size for your kid. They feature fusionfoam uppers for extra comfort and cushioning. The carbon rubber outsole is durable with an appealing look to provide extra protection to your feet.

The PUMA Kids’ Titantour Cleated Junior golf shoes also feature a five spike outsole for maximum grip and traction. For those looking for a great golf shoe that combines the looks, comfort, and durability, PUMA Kids’ Titantour Cleated Kids golf shoes might be the perfect pick.


·         Well-padded with fusion foam for extra comfort

·         Comes in black and white colors to allow to make your choice

·         Have an excellent grip


·         Can maintain their water-resistant nature for a year

PUMA Golf Unisex Titantour Jr. (Little Kid/Big Kid)

PUMA Golf Unisex Titantour Jr. (Little Kid/Big Kid)If your kids loves sport and style, then you need to get him or her these comfortable, sporty, and stylish junior golf shoes. These shoes are uniquely built to fit onto your feet with the right sizes to ensure you buy your favorite brand. They are constructed from full grain leather which provides long lasting durability.

They come with a variety of laces to choose from, so you don’t have to stick to one color, you can swap them over to maintain that fashionable look. On the upper is the Power Vamp area where the foot bends when you walk, and it provides excellent stability and extra flexibility on the course. Additionally, the EverFoam memory foam and sock liner molds to provide a custom fit to your foot and it’s very comfortable.


·         The golf shoes are waterproof

·         They’re lightweight

·         Have extra cushioning for maximum comfort

·         The outer sole has superior grip


·         These golf shoes lack spikes

Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross V Cblack/Ftww Skate Shoe

Adidas Kids' Jr Adicross V Cblack/Ftww Skate ShoeThis black golf shoe is designed for sports. It’s an excellent choice for golfers who love comfort and style. These shoes are made from synthetic material and sole for durability and extra stability. The lightweight climastom upper material is a perfect blend of the unique design to provide comfort for golfing.

It is built for flexibility with a spike-less outsole to allow easier movement on and off the course. Even better, it features 100 strategically placed lugs to provide optimal grip and great versatility.  Additionally, it comes with a lightweight cloud foam sock liner that offers extra comfort and ultra-light cushioning. The padded collar together with the low-profile tongue makes these shoes more comfortable and convenient when playing. On top of that, these golf shoes feature a classic design that incorporates the modern look of the shoe thus making it more fashionable.


·         The lightweight cloud form offers extra comfort and cushioning.

·         Features a classic design

·         The outsole provides long lasting durability


·         Comes in black color only

Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross V Ftwwht/Midg Skate Shoe

Adidas Kids' Jr Adicross V Ftwwht/Midg Skate ShoeThe Adidas Kids Adicross V Skate Shoe is great for golfers and skaters. It is among the best kids golf shoes designed with a strong synthetic top and sole for maximum on and off course versatility. It features a welded sling that enables energy transfer and ensures that your feet are warm and dry. Also, it comes with a 6-cleat outsole with thintech ext for extra protection and durability.

The Adidas Kids Adicross V golf shoe also features a waterproof climastorm upper to offer protection on and off the course and also boost performance when playing. The cloud form insole is strongly built to provide ultra-light cushioning and maximum comfort. Additionally, this golf shoe features a wider forefoot layout to enhance custom fit and comfort.


·         Comes with a waterproof upper for breathability

·         Great bounce to achieve high performance

·         The cloud form is excellent for extra comfort.


·         The wide design may not be a good choice for some kids.

FootJoy Pro SL Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 Boys

FootJoy Pro SL Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 BoysThese golf shoes are made in a modern and sharp design. They look sporty and are available in different colors like black, white, and blue. The FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes feature lightweight synthetic uppers that are easy to clean and keep you looking good on the course. It has plenty of toe room, and the narrow heel helps to hold the feet in their place to avoid getting blisters.

With a Fine-Tuned Foam, a laser plus fit, and ChromoSkin leather, FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes are lightweight, supportive, and stable. On top of that, it has a soft footbed with a firm in and outsole for extra protection and stability. The molded spiked sole makes the shoe feel smoother on your foot. Thus you avoid having pressure points when playing.  A quick look at the FootJoy Pro SL golf shoe reveals a golfing shoe that offers maximum comfort on the course.


·         Lightweight leather upper for excellent look

·         Spikeless outsole to provide great traction

·         Designed for high performance for junior golfers


·         Too large than the original size

FootJoy DNA Junior Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Junior Golf ShoesThe FootJoy DNA Helix Junior golf shoes are designed for comfort that your kids need when playing golf. Thanks to the full collar lining, they are highly recommended as the best golf shoe that provides additional grip and traction. With a strong ChromoSkin leather material, these shoes are an excellent fit for your feet with a lightweight and soft design. The TourSpec Stretch tongue present in these shoes help to shape your foot with a custom fit and support when playing.

It also features 3D FoamCollar for extra cushioning thus creating more stability to the lower leg. The Fine-Tuned Foam fitbed is also a great feature for extra comfort and cushioning. Also, these unique shoes use Pulsar removable cleats designed by SoftSpikes with a two-year waterproof warranty to ensure long lasting durability.


·         Lightweight for extra comfort to the feet

·         Easy to clean due to the cleat webbing design

·         Classic design for maximum support when playing


·         To some users, the shoe may be too small

FootJoy Empower Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 Girls

FootJoy Empower Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 GirlsThe FootJoy Empower golf shoe offers great comfort and performance without sacrificing style. It comes in different colors to give you a variety of options to choose from while maintaining a stylish look. They feature spikeless outsoles with a molded rubber traction for maximum grip and extra protection. The foam cushioning uppers create a comfortable foot environment to keep you comfortable when playing. Additionally, the narrow fit in the heel is a great feature that improves performance and allows for easier movement on or off course.

The FootJoy Empower golf shoe is designed to offer junior golfers great comfort, and high performance needs to start off a game. The upper is made of SoftLite mesh that enables lightweight durability and comfort. You will also love the machine washable design that allows for easier cleaning and facilitates long-lasting maintenance.


·         Lightweight and breathable

·         Colorful and fun

·         Made of high-quality materials and design.


·         A bit narrow on the toe.

FootJoy Enjoy Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 Girls

FootJoy Enjoy Junior Spikeless Golf Shoes 2017 GirlsThese lightweight golf shoes are comfortable and durable thus they are features in the list of the best kids golf shoes in the market. The SoftLite Mesh uppers are easy to clean and care to ensure they last for long. Apart from that, the lightweight and flexible performance help to keep your feet comfortable for many rounds and the spikeless outsole offers additional protection on and off course.

The spikeless outsoles are equipped with molded rubber for maximum traction on the ground. On top of that, the EverFresh linings of these shoes help to control odor and keep your feet fresh. These incredible features prove that the FootJoy Enjoy Junior Spikeless golf shoes are designed for junior golfers to offer comfort and advanced performance needed on and off the golf course.


·         Lightweight for comfort and durability

·         High-performance features

·         Spikeless versatility so you can wear them anywhere

·         UberLite Form for maximum traction


·         Sometimes it’s bigger than the standard size

Kids Golf Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what you are looking at, will help you to make your decisions when deciding what features, benefits, and price range you are looking for. Below you will find the 5 most important things to consider when looking to buy junior golf shoes.


As most seasoned golfers already know; comfort for your feet is enormously important, considering a single game will take hours. It is also important to consider how often you plan on taking your child to the golf course. It is easier to justify spending a little more money for a quality shoe if they will be used more frequently.

Water Proof:

One of the biggest factors in comfort for all day use is water-proofing. No one wants to be stuck in wet socks if a quick rain shower rolls in, or if you go to the course will dew is still on the ground.


The next thing to consider, which goes hand-in-hand with comfort is the material used to make the shoe. This can affect the cost as well, so it is important to understand what each material has to offer. As you could guess a shoe made out of fine leather will be substantially more expensive than a pair made of polyester. But, before we get into more specifics let’s run through some quick jargon so when you read product descriptions you will know what you are looking at, as sometimes different materials are used in different areas to influence comfort and flexibility. The out sole is the outer bottom part of the shoe where the spikes are located. The next section up from the bottom is the mid sole and is attached to the out sole. It is important to take note of what this section is made out of as this is typically where comfort support features are added. Next is the upper of golf shoes, which is attached to the mid sole is in the part of the shoe that connects the shoe around the wearer’s ankle and includes the section for the laces. Now, that you know what you will be reading about, let’s move on to the common materials used to make these sections of your kids golf shoes.

Leather/Synthetic Leather:

According to our research, there are a variety of things to consider when it comes to materials. First up is leather, the oldest time tested material used in the sport. There are several advantages to using leather, but the first thing many people may notice first is the price. Yes, leather is going to be a pricey option. However, there are certainly advantages to using.

Leather is a notoriously tough material, so the buyer of a leather junior golf shoes knows that it will last a very long time. Leather is also treated in such a way to make products that the end result is often water resistance. And lastly, though leather may be extremely tough and take some time to wear in, once it does it will be perfectly formed to the exact measurements of the wearer.

Synthetic leather, like the namesake implies, is a machine made material very similar to the animal by product (adding an extra push for those shoppers who may have issues with using animal products). However, since it is not made out of the same material and only fashioned after leather the synthetic form does has some variations from its organic cousin. First of all, it doesn’t cost as much, but on average are still waterproof, keeping the wearer’s feet warm and dry. They also break in much easier, so your little Tiger won’t have to wait quiet so long to feel one with the course. However, they aren’t as durable or long lasting. They are still very strong, just not as strong as the real thing.


As it turns out, Gore-Tex is another man-made material which is comprised of several layers of synthetic material, like laminate and a trademarked “membrane” that is designed to add flexibility as well as breath ability. This material is best for more in climate conditions on the course as it is also waterproof like the aforementioned materials. You will also notice yet another drop in price because, like synthetic leather, it doesn’t cost the manufacturer a ton of resources to make.


Last but hardly least, we come to polyester. This is the most cost effective option you will find, though don’t take that as if there is no advantage. If you are unsure your child will enjoy the sport you might not want to shell out the big bucks before hand. So really, this material is great to help get your child’s feet wet. Which brings us to our next point; they are not waterproof, so you may want to keep your t-time for sunny days. It is not as durable as the previous entries, but if your child is young enough to outgrow expensive golf shoes it might not matter if they last for years.

We hope our guide has helped you traverse the wild world of kids golf shoes and has provided you with the information you need to make an informed purchase.

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