Golf is a popular sport that is widely played across the globe. Every aspect of the sport; driving the ball, sinking a birdie, hitting the links, etc. accords a satisfying feeling. Besides, golf is a paragon of skill, concentration, and endurance wrapped in a cocoon of luck. The best way to shatter the shell and unlock your potential is buying the best golf equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a pro golfer, quality matters, and that where comes in.

The moment you indulge in the first session, you will forever itch to play golf. The sport presents an incredible way to enjoy the warm weather outside and get vital physical exercise. The influx of players into this sports has increased the demand for golf equipment. Because of this, the industry has seen the emergence of multiple brands making equipments of varying quality.

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Essential Golf Equipment


First things first; a golf club or a set is a must-have for any golfer. It's a basic golf equipment that dictates how your day spun. A good golf club can be the difference between an enjoyable session and a horrible afternoon outing. If you plan a long stay in golf and are serious about climbing the skill ladder, owning an array of golf clubs should be your priority.

Golf clubs, as well as golfers, are not created equal. Therefore it's wise to apply solid criteria when selecting golf clubs that will complement your abilities. You are allowed to pack a maximum of 14 golf clubs in your bag. However, owning more than that gives you a fair chance of finding a combination for different outings.

There are different types of golf clubs which include;

  • Golf drivers: designed to help golfers to launch the ball off the tee
  • Irons: Golf irons offer maximum playability and help to move the ball from a fairway to the green.
  • Fairway woods: designed for excellent breakthrough distance and trajectory.
  • Putters: putters are perfect for pinpoint accuracy in the shot game
  • Hybrid golf clubs: they bridge the gap between the irons and the fairway wood.
  • Wedges: these are specialty golf clubs designed for specific situations like hitting out of the sand or rough trap.

Aside from determining the type of golf club, you will be required to decide on the construction that is suited to your game. A golf club is made up of three parts;

  • Grip: This is the part of the club where you hold. The grip can be either rubber, leather, or fiber cords.
  • Head: this is the part of the golf club that hits the ball, and it varies in term of size and density. Choosing a grip is based on what makes you play at the top of your game.
  • Shaft: this is the part that connects the grip to the head. This a critical component which calls for serious consideration. The shaft can be made of steel, graphite or titanium material and each material comes with its pros and cons.


Also known as golf spikes, they root you on the ground and help you to perform the swing without sliding or slipping. Golf shoes provide stability and help you to swing more accurately. Although golf shoes are not a must-have golf equipment for many clubs, a serious golfer should own at least a pair.

When selecting a pair of golf shoes, it's always a question of comfort and utility. Since you will spend most the time standing, it's paramount to buy a pair that fits you well and offer maximum support.


Another important golf equipment is the golf bag. After buying a set of golf clubs, you need a bag to carry them. Many golf sets come with a golf bag, in case it's not provided you should get one to serve the purpose. There are four types of bag to consider;

  • Stand bags: these are standalone golf bags designed with divided tops to hold your set of golf clubs. If you prefer carrying your bag rather than riding on the cart, this is an excellent option.
  • Carry/Sunday bag: if you have a small set of clubs, tees, and balls, this bag is made for you. Carry bags have no stand and are designed to be laid on the ground when not in use. If you are going to a driving range or are not carrying your full set of clubs, this is a superb choice.
  • Cart bags: these are special bags which come with additional features including; pockets for valuables, cooler pockets, and a 14-way divider system with putter wells. As the name suggests, they are best if you prefer riding on the golf carts.
  • Staff bags: these bags take after the designer bags used by pro golfers. They have many features and are the heaviest. They are designed to be strapped on the golf cart and best for you if own golf carts.


This is not compulsory gold equipment, but it's recommended. Golf gloves offer better traction and help you to hold the grip more comfortably thereby allowing to swing the club better. They are vital accessories if you have sweaty hands or when the weather is not so ideal. In addition, golf gloves protect your hands when playing for long and prevent them from getting blisters.


This is vital gold equipment made of a tough core that is covered by layers of material. The pressurized core can either be made of gel or rubber material. In addition, the center of the ball is filled with water or sugar. The core is then covered by a layer of balata, surlyn, or elastomer material. Of the three, surlyn is inexpensive, hard, and durable and is best for beginners. On the other hand, balata is expensive than surlyn and not as durable but helps the ball to spin better. Elastomer cover is expensive than the other and is usually an excellent choice for elite golfers.

Golf balls can be made of two layers (basic) three, or even four layers. Balls with three or four layers contain additional material between the cover and the core. The materials called mantles and are designed from rubber threads. They contribute to the ability of the golf ball to travel far and offer better control and spin.

  • Two-layer balls have a basic construction which makes them inexpensive and durable. They are best for beginners.
  • Three-layer balls offer greater control but are more expensive, hence best for mid-level players.
  • Four layer balls are the most expensive. They provide maximum ball speed and control and are reserved for the elite golfers.


A tee is golf equipment used to lift the ball off the ground when you are hitting it the start of each hole. They are made of plastic or wood and are the most price friendly golf equipment. For this reason, it's always good to buy golf tees in bulk. Besides, wooden golf tees are the best and most common because they are environment-friendly.